Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the following applies to kate-harry.com trusted with the website address: www.kate-harry.com ("Site").

By visiting or using this site, you hereby agree to and accept the terms & conditions of this website. If you do not accept and agree to these terms & conditions, you are not allowed to access more sites www.kate-harry.com.



Kate & Harry Jewellery is the sole owner or lawful licensee of all the contents of the site kate-harry.com. All designs including text, graphics, logo icon images, audio and video clips and software is the property KATE-HARRY and protected by copyright laws and intellectual property laws. It is strictly forbidden to change, use, copy or install the brands mentioned above for private and commercial interests. Kate & Harry Jewellery reserves the right in its sole discretion to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms of Use at any time. Please check this page regularly to see the changes. You agree on each time you visit the website kate-harry.com and follow all the rules and regulations that have been written.



1. The price listed on the website kate-harry.com is the latest prices updated. 

2. The price shown on the website kate-harry.com includes shipping to the place of destination and protected by insurance of accident. 

3. If there are price, service, specifications, availability and pictures on products that do not fit due to typing errors, delays in updates, error rates are given from the manufacturer or for any other reason then KATE-HARRY has the right to determine the appropriate price or cancel the transaction only to products / services at the incorrect price. Even if you've paid and we will refund your money in full.

4. Product pricing subject to change without prior notice, if you'd like to enquire the update please contact us by phone at +62 31 7390467 at 10:00 to 21:00 hrs (GMT + 7) and email in cs@kate-harry.com

5. All products purchased from KATE-HARRY issued with an Invoice and authentication certificate. 

6. Kate-Harry will send you email of notifications from order confirmation - the delivery of your items.



Before buying a product, please meet the requirements below :

1. Must be 18 years and older.

2. Use true identifications.

3. Provide your current and accurate informations. We are not responsible for errors resulting in loss of data provision. All information we receive will be used in accordance with the privacy policy and by using this website you agree to KATE-HARRY privacy policy.



An order confirmation email from KATE-HARRY does not guarantee automatically will process your order. With unlimited time, we are entitled to reject your order either by reason or no reason at all. KATE-HARRY will inform you if there is a shortage of product you order. 



KATE-HARRY's currency is Rupiah and you get 24 hours to complete your payment transfer and if it has passed a predefined time then your order is void. At the moment KATE-HARRY only accepts payment by transfer to one of our bank accounts.



Products will be shipped after KATE-HARRY received full payment. Shipping will take approximately 3 working days, depending on the destination.  

For domestic, the product will be sent using RPX.

For International, the products will be shipped using FedEx.

Each shipping is covered with full insurance to the amount that is written on the invoice.

KATE-HARRY will not ship to P.O.Box. Please make sure you address properly. We are not responsible for any errors of shipping address. 



KATE-HARRY seals every package before shipping. Before opening it, make sure you check and see the condition of the package. If the package that you have received a faulty seal please contact us for further follow up.



Products already ordered / purchased CAN NOT be exchanged or refunded or cancelled for any reason in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of KATE-HARRY.



In accordance to the policy of KATE-HARRY, replacement for damage of products or services purchased through the website will be limited to the exchange with the same goods. In any circumstances, KATE-HARRY as well as business partners associated will not be responsible for any loss directly or indirectly arising out of or related to the website kate-harry.com.



KATE-HARRY is providing an accurate information or specifications. Every item sold is always photographed from the original product. Their interpretation errors, color differences may occur depending on the monitor that you wear and KATE-HARRY does not guarantee the accuracy of such.



KATE-HARRY reserves the right to change or discontinue any aspect of this website. KATE-HARRY has full authority over the content of the website. KATE-HARRY may suspend or terminate your account on the website for any reason. KATE-HARRY also reserves the right to remove or edit user name or password at any time and for any reason.



If you have comments or questions on the website, please drop KATE-HARRY a line at cs@kate-harry.com